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Monday, 22 April 2013

Informative Health Reviews - Energies For Life

When mini power plants - reaches the fuel in the form of oxygen and glucose, mini power plants "burn" them and thus generates. This energy is a guarantee of life.

Radicals-pests of oxygen in the processing of the energy portion of the molecules (about 5 percent), spinning out of control and releases in the form of so-called oxygen free radicals, a free radical are an oxygen atom, which some "dead" one electron. Visist here for related info: Men Health - Sexual Health

When an electron to lose and there is a gap, an oxygen atom loses balance and begins to look for in the immediate vicinity of the lack-ing cell. Whenever you encounter a normal atom, attacks him, he needs to pick up an electron. He takes it and becomes a normal atom of oxygen. But he robbed becomes a free radical with a breach to clogging.

So the hunt starts, and the loop is closed. Oxygen free radical electron atoms is looking for any substance - be satisfied with such a protein or fat. Such looting destroys the cells of the body (for example, damage the cell membranes, DNA), and consequently - is ruining our health. Free radicals are formed mainly in the processing of oxygen for energy, but not only.

They also favor the formation of smoking, breathing polluted air, fumes, intense sunbathing, alcohol abuse, use of large amounts of drugs, stress, fatigue, barbecue and smoked products. When our body is a lot of free radicals, are more at risk of developing serious health problems, including cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer diseases, atherosclerosis, cataracts, psoriasis, stomach ulcers.

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