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Monday, 22 April 2013

Antioxidants - your secret weapon

Traditional soaps dry out and irritate the mucous membranes and the very delicate skin in this area. Therefore it is good to reach for the soap, lotions, emulsions with a neutral pH (clearly marked on the package!), free of fragrances and colorants.

Muscle Building Program - These formulations contain a suitable cleaning substances based on vegetable extracts. We have products on the market for teen and adult women during menopause. Young girls often complain about excessive vaginal discharge. It is less acidic, which increases the risk of infection, because preparations for younger women include microbicides and anti-irritant.

The problem is menopausal vaginal dryness. Therefore, feminine hygiene products enriched with moisturizing and lubricating substances. Soothe the itching and help the renewal of the bacterial flora. For people with sensitive skin are recommended fluid extract of licorice, oak bark and plantain. Attention, seemingly simple task - to scour - requires, as it turns out, a minimum of knowledge.

Sap is always in the direction from front to rear, because it is the close proximity of the sexual organ or sexual health, the mouth of the urethra and the anus easily the mix of microbes and infection. Free radicals are clever and destroy our cells. But we have a secret weapon against them - antioxidants. It is mainly vitamins and minerals, which cannot fail in their diet. Without oxygen, you cannot live. It is needed cell in the body. When air, it contains oxygen molecules rapidly enter the cells. In the center of each of them are in the mitochondria.

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