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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Customized Fat Loss - Accumulating Fat

If you accumulate fat in critical areas such as the abdomen or hips, focus on these parts of your attention with Customized fat loss review by Kyle Leon.

Practice is more intensely than other parts of the body; strengthen with less stress and a large number of repetitions (up to 30). Intervals between sets shorten up to 30 seconds.

Do not forget the importance of aerobic exercise (such as running), which is a must.

Dietary fats
To lose weight, you must reduce your fat intake. Their energy value in calories is about twice the energy stored in carbohydrates or proteins.

Moreover break down fats worse than other nutrients, it is therefore undesirable substances. That does not mean a total ban of fat!

Without the fat tissue by the body not energy reservoir and the energy needed for life to get started degradation of proteins, which would lead to an undesirable loss of muscle mass.

There are so-called dietary fats that health benefit These fats help in digestion, reduce cholesterol and even help eliminate our "unwanted" fat reduction. Dietary fats are found for example in almonds, nuts, in olive oil or salmon.

Carbohydrates are a stumbling block in the diet. The excess is converted into fat and your can avoid this with Customized fat loss reviews by Kyle Leon. For more info about health and fitness Visit Here

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