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Monday, 22 April 2013

General Health Reviews - Health Program For Women

Many women still believe that the scheme helps to maintain proper hygiene, online forums and internet users from entries referring to the 'proven' method. For example: "My gynecologist recommended that I eat natural yogurt, you can put a clean finger in the vagina, which become attached to these good bacteria.

For me, a great, but you have to eat yogurt every day. “But bacteria found in yogurt and kefir is the same as those formed in the vagina's natural acidic pH of the environment. Lactobacillus strains producing only lactic acid have a similar name to those used in the food industry, but their properties are very different for women health and general health.

Even more dangerous way to get rid of the bacteria is garlic and onion, and even vinegar. Such methods may be irritating to the lining of the vagina, and even erosion. Though it sounds incredible, they are often used as wraps with gentian, washing shampoos or boric acid are harmful or irrigation with water, chamomile, calendula, baking soda or bath with milk and citric acid.

After these treatments need until 48-72 hours to restore the natural bacterial flora in the vagina, during this time, bacteria and fungi proliferate faster. Pause sticks principle is simple: washing with water, cannot be destroyed to prevent infection acidic. Most soaps, even for intimate hygiene liquids and liquid bath has a high (alkaline) pH, and can destroy the natural protective barrier, the lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus. Under these conditions, it is easy to multiplication of anaerobic bacteria responsible for infections intimate surroundings.

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